COST Action CA21132, 
European Swine Influenza Network (ESFLU)

Action Chair / Vice Chair / Grant Holder

Action Chair: Gwenaëlle DAUPHIN

Action Vice Chair: Katarzyna Podgórska

Current GH Scientific Representative: Ricardo Dias

Current GH Manager: Pedro Bras

Working groups:

1Strengthen the capability in Europe for the identification and characterisation of swIAVLeader: Sasan Fereidouni
Co-leader: Annika Graaf
2Increase sharing and analyses of surveillance and virology dataLeader: Gautier Richard
Co-leader: Alexander Byrne
3Foster knowledge exchange on surveillance and management measures to improve swIAV controlLeader: Lars Larsen
Co-leader: Marie Sjolund 
4Dissemination, communication and awarenessLeader: Dinko Novosel
Co-leader: Tijs Tobias

Science Communication Coordinator

Dinko Novosel

Grant Awarding Coordinator

Dimitrios Papadopoulos