Working Group 1

Strengthen the capability in Europe for the identification and characterisation of swIAV


  • To share and exchange protocols and SOPs in order to strengthen the capabilities for the detection and characterisation of swIAV circulating in Europe and for harmonized protocols within the community
  • To support the development of new molecular and serological diagnostic assays
  • To deliver in-person training courses on detection, isolation, molecular and serological diagnosis of swIAV (e.g. training schools, short-term scientific missions)
  • To collect SOPs and protocols
  • To collect lab information

To compare the variety of the tests and validation of the tests.

Cost-benefit analysis to understand whether serology is a tool for monitoring and sero-surveillance

Training school/ summer school workshop

Expected deliverables

Virological investigation

  1. Share protocols and SOPs for swIAV detection among the members
  2. Provide primer dataset for identification and sequencing of swIAV
  3. Guideline on workflow from A-Z (including sample collection and shipment, sample analysis policy (individual and pools), analysis protocols, …)
  4. Guideline on data collection and epidemiological investigation

Serological investigation

  1. Protocol on how to prepare reference antigens and antisera
  2. Protocol on how to perform ELISA and HI test and other serological methods
  3. Guideline for antigenic cartography

Past and future activities

  • November 2022: Preliminary action plan for WG1 during 1st MC meeting
  • January 2023: 1st online meeting (discussion of upcoming activities)
  • April 2023: WG1 in-person-meeting at the scientific meeting in Barcelona, Spain
  • June-December 2023: circulation of a questionnaire for SOPs (SOP collection and comparison:
  • September 2023: organisaition of a training School on “Monitoring, identification and characterisation of swine influenza A virus” at Royal GD in Deventer, Netherlands
    (For further info, please click here: )
  • September-October 2023: STSM for 2 beneficaries on “swine influenza diagnostics” at Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Lombardia e dell’Emilia Romagna, Parma, Italy
  • April 2024: Meeting for comparing the variety of SOPs on swine flu digagnostics at Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Lombardia e dell’Emilia Romagna in Brescia, Italy
  • 2024 (upcoming): 5 STSMs (announcement started) on swine flu diagnostic, comparison of SOPs for identification and characterization of swine Influenza A Viruses, implementation and use of antigenic cartography for characterization of swine influenza A viruses
  • 2024 (upcoming): 2nd Training School planned
  • 2024 (upcoming): Webinar series planned

Current number of members

74 members

25 countries represented

Main expert profiles

WG1 includes experts in virology, epidemiology and bioinformatics.

WG1 News